Female Gamblers

The Impact Of Gambling Issues On Women

Let’s discuss the impact of gambling issues on women’s female gambling behavior. In 2020, Gambling progressed well beyond pub fruit machines and excursions to the bookies. Gambling addiction is rising, particularly among women because you can now wager on almost anything via the internet.

female gambling behaviorAccording to data from the gambling addiction charity GamCare, the number of women reporting a problematic connection with Gambling has increased by more than a third in the previous year. More than double the rate experienced by males over the same period. However, men continue to make most calls to the National Gambling Helpline, with women accounting for only 1% of all calls.

What drives women to Gamble, and how can it lead to addiction?

Keter says that Gambling addiction isn’t a one-size-fits-all diagnosis. The motivations for Gambling and the potential impact on mental health vary greatly between men and women. Unlike males, who seek the thrill of a big victory and the attention that comes with it, Katee claims that women bet as a sort of escape.

Simple and repetitious items, like Bingo and slots, are popular with the psychology behind why women gamble. In some ways, it’s similar to mindfulness or meditation. They can tune out troubles at home and work, and it acts as a protective screen against worrisome thoughts and sensations.

What resources are available to women who are gambling addicts?

The Gordon Moody Association, GamCare, and Gamblers Anonymous are just a handful of the organizations that help people with gambling addiction. Lisa contacted a guy acquaintance who had previously participated in Gamblers Anonymous. She states that many of the ladies I deal with claim to bet online and are hesitant to attend GA meetings. GA is notoriously male-dominated, and there’s apprehension about sitting in a room full of males and telling them everything that’s happened in your life.

People may have diverse experiences with gender differences for gambling engagement. Gambling depends on their gender, but Roberts emphasizes that addiction is a very personal issue with various treatment options. Priory hospitals, like hours in working, have 28-day addiction treatment programs. It includes abstinence from addictive behavior and helps with internet gaming digital detox.

Group therapy helps patients feel less ashamed since they are surrounded by individuals who understand, and they can face the bad effects without being judged. We approached our clients holistically, focusing on the addiction but not exclusively.